C.D.S BattleSim 

C.D.S Battlesim Saturday 3rd September 9am to 9pm More info to follow Mexican Cartel are moving a shipment of product from Sinaloa Mexico to there new storage location in the USA in there Cessna 172 skyhawk fixed wing aircraft, when a USA F-14 Interceptor located the aircraft with the shipment! Cartel pilots panic and jetesen the black box and other valuables so that the USA can not capture these valuable items, such as laptops and some product before they are shoot out of the sky by the F-14 fighter jet after some warning shoots. The pilots sent a distress signal to the cartel bosses of the location of the ditched plane and valuables but lost communication not long after the crash, the cartel have sent teams out to retrieve what they can.The black box and various other jetesened equipment was suspected to have landed in or near whites island near whites quarry or within a 10 mile radius.The DEA has also dispatched teams to find the missing valuables.Our new site location will be emailed to all players who have signed up ! Location has full parking and toilets facilities. pay via pay pal and leave email in the comments.Choose your team Cartel; Civvi clothing or hawaiian shirts.DEA; All black or MTP, US marine.Investment Option 1 £30 pp for C.D.S Battle sim, Option 2 Battle sim with food package £35 pp Option 3 Camp out at Forest fitness after battle sim and Sunday game offer £45.Full package £45 pp. Option 3.Ammo info coming soon.

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