CQB Competition and Competition Rules

Sign in 11:30pm

Chrono 12pm

Brief 12:30pm

First game 12:30pm

All weapons Chrono before gameplay under 1 Joule(328 fps)

Each team will play two, two minute rounds against another team with a two min change around between games.

Teams of five, four players one substitute(Only to be changed out between rounds)

Eye protection, face guard to be worn at all times on gaming field

Call your hits

Hits Anywhere on your body or backpack, helmet are classes as a hit( Rifle or pistol hits are not classed as a hit)

No abusive language towards team members and opposing teams

Semi Auto only(Rifle or pistol) One trigger pull=one shot (feather is ok, one finger only no double finger)

No binary or advanced programming of FCU

No blind firing

No bang rule but try to avoid head shoots

Ricochets do not count as a hit

No communication to your team once you are eliminated

No limit on ammo to be carried during the game but no refills of magazines whilst playing

Spectators to stay in spectating area, No abusive language

Scoring points

Eliminate other team members 25 points

Eliminate all opposing team 25 points (Game over)

Winning team 25 points

Max 125 points per round


-25 points not calling hits /shooting team mate

-25 Removing eye pro when not in a safe/Spectators zone

-25 going out of bounds

-25 Verbal abuse to marshals and other team members

-25 Climbing over cover or moving cover

-25 Blind Firing

-25 Slow Field exit once hit/Slow change between rounds.


Verbal or physical abuse

Repeat offender of blind firing

Repeat offender of not calling hits /shooting team mate.