INDOOR at our private personal training studio or OUTDOOR at the park or at our forest

INVEST IN YOURSELF! Get fit and have fun..

We love to tailor make personal training plans around your goals, your body type, your ability level (with ongoing progressive goals), incorporating what you enjoy doing. You can learn to love exercise that fits into your lifestyle and keeps you coming back for more. We teach good habits that will stay with you for life.

Stop competing with others and start competing with yourself to become the best version of you!! Maximum results are achieved when healthy eating is in place. All clients will receive guidance around healthy eating incorporating food you enjoy. We also specialise in transformation. Personal training starts with an FREE consultation and a fitness assessment we agree on your goal then work to achieve it!

A mixture of millitary style training, boxing, forest HiiT, log training, tyre training, all fully functional training. Keep an eye on this page and my Facebook page for offers. Fit kids boot camps run in the spring and summer. Why not join in with your child in a boot camp? A fun low intense workout  that’s a great way to keep fit and spend quality time with your child. As a parent myself. I understand it can be difficult to get ot the gym or go out running. Encourage the kids to take a break from Xbox and PlayStations and out in the fresh air for a bit of exercise. Beware, they may mucky but they’ll enjoy every minute of it.