S51 Airsoft

Forest Fitness NI and Boarder lines Combat have joined forces to bring you S51 Airsoft at Carrickfergus site, 30 Acres of Forest with 6 Different maps. Top game play scenarios and Military Simulation. Training days and introduction days for beginners. Build is 70% complete and we are following government guild lines on opening dates and social distancing. Follow us on Facebook or Instragram. 


ll players must register and pay a deposit as stated below in order to book their place on the Summer Game, with remainder paid on day of event…


* Membership £20 Per year which also gets you your Ukrara. Membership Card also gets you one free entry after 10 games.
* Walk on Players – £20.00 (£15.00 deposit to be paid in advance)
* Rentals – £30.00 (£20.00 deposit paid in advance)

* Mini Milsims (£30 which includes free burger and drink)

* Full Milsims 24 Hrs (£45 which includes breakfast and tea & Coffee)

All payments either on site by card or cash stating which team your on or by pay-pal to lvaughan@gmail.com
(Deposits are non transferable or refundable).

All Aegs and pistols will be chronoed on site using site 0.20g bbs and must be no higher than 328fps and High Rate of Fire must be 30 RPS or below, if your Aeg is locked on 3 to 5 round bursts this wont affect your Aeg.

All players must show all Pyro and Grenades for inspection or you wont be allowed to use them during the game. ( Also Pyros sold on site).

Ammo restrictions will be in place for this game.
NO LOOSE Ammo is to be carried – all ammo must be carried in magazines, however loose ammo can be stored at you’re teams Regen / Spawn and you can replenish your ammo throughout the day at regen.

Assault Weapons (M4, AK etc)
Mid Caps / Low Caps – Maximum of 8 Mags
High Cap – Maximum 2 Mags
All mags to be shown at chrono prior to game on!!

Sniper Rifles
100 BB’s at any one time ( in magazines) + side arm (No AEG allowed at the same time as using Sniper Rifle, side arm only)

Support Weapons
1 Full Box Mag (maximum size of 3000 rounds)

A maximum 5 standard capacity (i.e. NOT Extended Mags) Magazines can be carried ( 1 in pistol and 4 spares)

If you use extended Mags for your pistol then the limit is 3 magazines (No Mixing of Mags)

Medic Rules
Any medic rules will be explained at the event game brief.

Bang Rule
We do not enforce the Bang Rule, but you may use it at your own discretion, we do however expect common sense at close ranges.

Minimum Engagement Rule
All player must switch to SINGLE Shot within 10 meters no exception

Single Shot inside all buildings

Smoke only to be used outside of buildings no smoke to be deployed inside a building

Grenade – Any player in a room is dead unless behind Hard Cover. Hard cover is classed as a physical barrier between the player and line of sight of the grenade i.e. a wall, not hiding behind a bush or the player in front of you.

Outside / open terrain. Grenade – Kill radius is 10 meters, hard cover rule applies.

Wednesday night shoot gates Open, Chrono 1800 hrs.

Gates Close 1900 hrs

Endex 2200 hrs.


Gates open/Chrono 0900 hrs

Brief & Games start 1000 hrs

Endex 1400 hrs.


Gates open/ Chrono opens 1000 hrs

Brief & Games  1100 hrs

Endex 1500 hrs

Mini Milsim

Gates open/Chrono 0900 hrs

Brief & Games start 1000 hrs

Lunch 1230 Hrs.

Full Milsim

Saturday Gates open 1200hrs (Lunch Hot food onsite)

Chrono/Brief 1300nrs

Training 1330 hrs

Patrols 1500 hrs 

Reece Patrol 1600 Hrs


Fighting patrol 1800 hrs. 

Camping on site for players is available on the Saturday evening from 1800 hrs but no one will be allowed onto or off site after 22:00 hrs after gates are locked.

Please ensure you read all rules and sign up in time.

Any further info will be provided once deposits are paid.

Opening Times

Mon-Fri: 6am – 10:30am & 6:30pm – 8pm

Sat: 9am to 1pm

Sun: 11am to 12pm

Call us

07799 533 248

The Forest

Marshallstown Road Carrickfergus, BT38 9DE, UK