Survival weekend 

30hr Survival experience!

Our Ex Elite military instructors will put you through your paces, but also deliver training like nothing you have experienced before. 

This is a weekend of Challenge! And discovery!

3 Stages:

Survival training

Shelter building

Fire Lighting techniques

Wild Cooking over the fire.

You will be tasked to build your own shelter to stay in overnight, We will provide fresh food to cook.

But it isn’t all work, we will have a go at axe throwing. Then of to bed


Kicking off with a 6 mile hike

Cold water submersion Challenge

Followed by another 6 mile hike

Bootcamp to finish.

Airsoft Battle camp 

Early morning start with battle training

Section Attacks

Pairs fire manoeuvre

room clearance drills.

The final Challenge, you will be put into a live Airsoft gameplay from 11am to 1pm rental equipment available.

This course is ideal for those looking for a challenge or to learn about the military or experienced airsoft enthusiasts wanting to dominate the game.

Course attendees must have a reasonable level of fitness.

Course investment £50. (Discount)

Full price £79

Airsoft Equipment Rental £20.

Equipment needed 

30 to 60 Litre ruck sack able to carry up to 30lbs, weight required 25lbs weigh in on arrival

Roll matt

Tarp (No tents allowed) (No fire lighting equipment allowed) We have to do it the old fashioned way. Equipment supplied 

Sleeping bag and bivvy or Survival bag.

Have Breakfast before you arrive, packed lunch required, no junk food! No alcohol.

We provide food for cooking for evening and following morning meal. Lunch can be purchased on the Sunday. 

2-4 Litres of water.

Walking boots, spare socks, spare training shoes or wet sock, change of clothing. Warm coat, hat and gloves.